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Kulturopa viser IndieLisboa film i Grand Teatret i København 20-22 oktober

Indie Lisboa filmfestivallen afholdes hvert år i foråret i Lissabon og omfatter spændende, uafhængige og indimellem 'skæve' film fra hele verden.

Kulturopa (hvis hjemmeside også er på portugisisk) har samlet nogen af de bedste portugisiske kortfilm fra IndieLisboa 2008.

Kortfilmene vises tirsdag d. 21. oktober 2008 kl. 17.00 i Grand Teateret i København under titlen BEST of IndieLisboa 2008:

Fim-de-semana / Weekend, by Cláudia Varejão
Fiction, Portugal, 2007, 8’ | Beta SP, 4/3, Color, Dolby Digital
A country house. A weekend. A family. Time goes by. Silence prevails.

Outside, by Sérgio Cruz
Documentary, Portugal/ United Kingdom, 2008, 20’ | Beta SP, 4/3, Color, Stereo
In China, culture and the arts are very closely linked to people and their lives. The
street life in Beijing is a 24-hour live show full of music, dance and sports.

Superfície / Surface, by Rui Xavier
Fiction, Portugal, 2007, 13’ | Beta SP, 4/3, Color, Dolby Digital
No matter how calm the surface of the ocean appears to be, each time we cross the
line that divides land and water we enter an unknown and unexpected world.

João e o Cão, by André Marques
Fiction, Portugal, 2007, 15’ | 35 mm, 1:1,66, Color, Stereo
João lives in the outskirts of a city. No one seems to understand his fuss behaviour.

Cândido, by Zepe
Animation, Portugal, 2007, 11’ | 35 mm, 1:1,85, Color, Dolby Digital
Cândido never loved her. Manipulation is his favourite game.

Paisagem Urbana com Rapariga e Avião / Urban Landscape with Girl and Plane, by João Figueiras
Fiction, Portugal, 2008, 25’ | 35 mm, 1:1,85, Color, Stereo
The daily life of Dino and Helena is difficult and the grief is growing in a way that
encloses them. An urgent solution is welcomed.

Onsdag d. 22. oktober 2008 kl. 17.00 viser Grand Teatret dokumentarfilmen:

O Lar / Endgame
, by António Borges Correia
Documentary, Portugal, 2008, 71' | Digi Beta, 4/3, Color, Stereo
Reboleiro, north of Portugal. 103 old people live at Santa Catarina Residence. They
need to communicate, to come back to their homes. But they knock at the doors of
each other, pray, walk down the residence corridors, wait.

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